Multi Channel Marketing Generate New Leads For Your Business With Bulk SMS + Bulk Email + Social Media Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers. Also known as cross-channel marketing

In today’s modern marketing era, there are many channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers.

Connecting with your customers is more important and more challenging than ever before. Multi Channel Marketing can give you an advantage to reach your targeted customer By SMS messages or Email Newsletter or Social Media. Consumers are turning to digital communications and text messaging to mitigate the effects of widespread disconnection.


Stay connected with your customers through Multi Channel Marketing With Business Mind

Promote your products & services with us by targeting the right segmented audience for your business with Business Mind. We got the verified, cleaned & segmented data for UAE.

Expertise in SMS Marketing, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing services makes us STRONG enough to run your companies or business marketing campaigns and generate ROI’s.  Let Business Mind run your marketing campaigns and reach your target audience on their mobile & desktops using the channels of SMS, Emails & Social Media tools Check our flexible packages & prices with the combination of Bulk SMS, Bulk Email & Social Media


Multi Channel Marketing
AED 2000
  • SMS CAMPAIGN 10,000 nos
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN 100,000 nos
  • FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM 100,000 Impressions


Multi Channel Marketing
AED 2000
  • SMS CAMPAIGN 20,000 nos
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN 200,000 nos
  • FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM 200,000 Impressions


Multi Channel Marketing
AED 2000
  • SMS CAMPAIGN 30,000 nos
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN 300,000 nos
  • FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM 300,000 Impressions


Multi Channel Marketing
AED 2000
  • SMS CAMPAIGN 50,000 nos
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN 500,000 nos
  • FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM 500,000 Impressions

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